Call Me - Beep Me - If You Want To Reach Me!

Why am I quoting Kim Possible? Because she speaks the truth! So many people jump online with their businesses because they hear digital marketing is where it’s at…but they forget the most important part. The Marketing!

When you are on social media the picture or video draws people in but the copywriting is how you wheel them into your funnel and hopefully you can turn them into a paying customer. You have to reach out to your customers and connect with them in order for them to actually reach out to you. A photo is great but if your caption underneath does not instruct them on how to learn more or how to purchase then you will lose them to another brand that does do that.

You’d think you wouldn’t have to tell people exactly what to do…but our brains scan so fast in the digital world that you’ve got to lay it all out clearly for people so that they know the buyer’s journey process is going to be easy and work in their favour!

Do we have you intrigued and thinking about your copywriting skills? At BNL we ensure every post for our clients includes this one thing….

Call to Actions!

This may seem simple, and it is! You want to engage with your followers and customers and encourage them to interact with you, whether it’s through a comment, clicking to your website, booking a reservation, calling you for more information, or sharing the information with their friends. You want to sell your business. Here are some call to action examples:

  • Ask a question

  • Pose a problem and ask for solutions/feedback

  • Ask for feedback about your business or product (polls are great!)

  • Tell them to contact you via phone, e-mail, through direct message for more information

  • Tell them to find out more information and lead them to your website – power words such as click, buy, shop, get, call, learn more, discover and sign up.

  • Tease your followers – ask them to guess what something is or a new product launch tease

  • Encourage your followers to tag their friends – such as what product of yours they would like to enjoy, or to promote a giveaway

Call to Actions not only help promote your business, but it increases engagement with your followers and allows them to participate in conversations with you and share your content which in turn leads to building your online community.

Not feeling confident in your writing skills but want to get better? We highly recommend checking out Neville Medora and sign up for his email marketing. He gives SOOOOO much information away for free and he’s hilarious too.

Don’t have time to write and need help? Here at BNL we pride ourselves in our copywriting. As you can tell on our own social media….we are not shy with our words and we always speak the truth as well as provide value. If you want to learn more about how we can help you engage with your audience and step up your #captiongame send us a message. We most definitely can help! #BNLsocial