Paying Attention to SEO in 2019 | Part One

When you have a question, how do you find your answer? Whether it’s Siri, Alexis or the desktop version of Google, these are probably you first instincts. Right? Find the answer online in seconds!

You’re not alone. 89% of B2B buyers and 81% of online shoppers do the exact same thing, which leads us into this blog series. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be diving deep into SEO in 2019. In this blog post, we’ll give you an overview on SEO and next month we’ll talk about specific SEO best practices to put into place.

Google Search

Showing Up In Google

Your business needs to show up on Google when your company is the answer to their question.

How do you do that? A simple abbreviation comes to mind as the answer (which I didn’t have to Google) SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool to make sure when someone searches for your product or service, your website shows up.

We’re optimizing your visibility and ranking in this larger-than-life digital space!

Visibility Forecast

With high visibility, your domain is prominent in search engine results page (SERP). If you have lower visibility, your domain isn’t showing up when someone is using a search engine to find an answer (AKA your business) to their problem.

With the help of SEO, your website visibility can climb higher and higher in SERPs with dedication and relevant content.

Rankings Matter

Rankings is the process that SERPs use to determine where to place a particular web page. If your company doesn’t have working SEO, you may rank on the 50th page of Google. If you have a killer SEO strategy, you could land on the first page of Google.

Search engines have a single goal. The goal is to give their users websites with the most relevant answers to their questions. Every time a search engine is used, their algorithm works by choosing different websites that are most relevant to the question asked.

Then, once they have the right websites, they’ll rank them and display the most authoritative or popular ones first.

Google assumes the more popular a web page is, the more valuable it is for readers.

People on Cellphones

Why You Need SEO Today

If you haven’t picked up what we’re laying down, SEO is a key player when it comes to digital marketing.

According to HubSpot, 50% of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone visit a store within a day.

If you’re not paying attention to your SEO, you are missing out on all of those potential customers!

Additionally, B2B buyers conduct up to 12 searches, on average, before engaging with a brand.

If you don’t have an SEO strategy, you won’t be seen online in any of those 12 searches.

Period. End of story.

Hand it Over to Us

When we onboard a client looking for SEO optimization, we start with doing an SEO report that shows you your rankings, visibility scores and what needs to be updated right away on your website.

Then, we’ll get started on the fun stuff!

When we work with a company, we are dedicated to learning the ins and outs of the business, we work on content creation, website optimization and much more to help your rankings climb over time. A good SEO strategy takes at least 6 months of commitment to see your company’s digital growth. When you see it, it’s like this high-on-life feeling that we love and we know you will too. We’ll keep working to maintain your top ranking spaces on SERPs.

Ready to talk SEO? Contact BNL Media Consulting and let’s discuss your future SEO strategy. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and be sure to come back next month for our SEO Best Practices blog post.