Using Instagram for Business: 6 Reasons You Need This Platform in 2019

It’s 2019 and Instagram has taken over!

We all know that we need to promote our businesses on Instagram now, but do we really know WHY we should be using the visually-pleasing platform? Do we fully understand how Instagram business can benefit our ROI?

Many businesses understand the basic need for a digital marketing strategy, but we find ourselves explaining to people that using Instagram for business is pretty much mandatory nowadays.

There is something called an “Instagram marketing strategy” and you need one!

At BNL, we don’t like secrets. We want to help grow your business and we do that through Instagram business accounts. So, here’s an article sharing our knowledge to why we use Instagram for business growth.

Instagram’s users keep increasing

The biggest reason why you need an Instagram business profile is that Instagram’s user count continues to increase by the second. People have their phones super-glued to their hands (figuratively not literally) and most of the time they’re scrolling on Instagram.

As of the beginning of 2018, Instagram had 800 million and now it has reached over 1 billion monthly active users!! Compared to other networks, only Facebook and YouTube have more people logging on.

But let’s be honest, Instagram isn’t a monthly type of platform. It’s more of a daily-posting and viewing type of app. The number of daily Instagram users jumped from 500 thousand to 200 million in just a few months.

If that huge jump doesn’t show you the need to be on Instagram, we don’t know what will. But, we’ll continue this blog post anyways…

Say hi to your niche


Each business has a specific niche but not everyone knows how to break through and find the right audience on social media.

One way to break through and show up in your niche is by using hashtags. You know, the thing that you once knew as the number sign but kids only know as a “#hashtag”?

A hashtag lets you connect with an audience (your ideal audience) that is interested in your specific niche. Use a set number of relevant hashtags that are known in your niche and over time, create your own original hashtag to grow your presence.

Put a face to a name


Through a visual platform like Instagram, it allows your prospects and customers to see the person behind the brand.

By posting photos on Instagram, using Instagram stories or recording an Instagram live, a brand personality is born. Instagram allows people to connect with businesses on a personal level and people need that nowadays in order to want to buy.

There are SO many ways to bring personality to your feed:

  1. Create a feed theme and make sure images are consistent with the design

  2. Post daily during business hours

  3. Don’t use filters! We repeat… don’t use filters!

  4. Use Instagram stories to show behind the scenes of your brand

  5. Interact with your users in the comments

Give them sneak peaks of new products or menu items. Show them what it’s like to work for your business and what goes into making your business what it is today.

Let your creative juices flow.

Level up your customer service


It’s time to level up!

Customer service on social media is a huge selling point for prospects now. Humans are programmed to air out their dirty laundry on social media.

We don’t suggest you do that… but people still do it!

If someone is unhappy with a service, a tweet, Facebook status or Instagram post is published. It’s up to the company to then respond and level up their customer service while remaining in the public eye.

Say goodbye to those private emails about bad service.

Instagram allows you to showcase your customer services skills and your customer relationships. If you master your customer service skills online, prospects and customers will see this, like it and continue to buy from you.

Some of the biggest brands have hilarious customer service online and it shines a light on your business and the type of people they are.

Visual content dominates

Your brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it does text. So, that means the photo will stop the Instagram user from scrolling by and they will then pause their thumb and take a second to read your caption.

90% of all human communication is visual and 90% of information sent to the brain is visual.

Simply put, a picture is worth a thousand words. We know, cliche, but true!


Instagram has recently brought out a new feature where it lets businesses grow their sales on the platform.

You’re able to tag products in your Instagram posts and people are able to click on it and buy the product instantly.

This connects your business with trend-seeking customers who love to buy directly and right away. It also allows Instagram users in your niche to discover and explore new products.

With Instagram being such a visual platform, it eliminates the fluff, catches the customer’s eye and allows your product or service to speak for itself.

Instagram also allows for you to add a website link, phone number and email address to a biography. This shows your prospects you want to hear from. This first point of contact lets you walk them through the sales funnel once they reach out.

Snap Your Pictures

So, with more than 200 million daily users and these 6 fantastic reasons to be using Instagram, are you convinced you need it yet?

Contact BNL Media Consulting today to talk more about the power of Instagram and why you’re losing out if you’re not planning to post a photo today.