Why You Should Use An Influencer to Leverage Your Marketing Goals

If you’re immersed in the digital marketing or business world, you’ve probably heard the buzz word influencer come up in conversations by owners and customers and have heard that they are good for business. But what exactly do they do and who are they? And how can this help leverage your marketing goals?

By definition, influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements from influencers, people and organizations who have expert knowledge and social influence in a respective field. This can be anything from beauty reviews to car or tech knowledge, and we’re not talking about working with the YouTube famous kind or the Kardashians of the world. You want to work with the type of influencer that best fits with your brand. Who our there fits your voice, your vision and how you want to portray your brand?

Photo Above: One of the influencers we’ll be featuring in our Influencer Education Month @carlymal

The most obvious reason to use an influencer is that they have followers, and their followers trust their opinions on brands or products. When they post about your business, you get access to be seen by their audience in addition to yours.

For example, if you were a bike and sporting goods store, you may want to work with an influencer who already use the product that you sell, or they already shop at your store. This may be an outdoor enthusiast in the community. By getting them to naturally introduce the product and explain why they love the product or why they love your business as a whole, it will come across as a natural fit to their audience and your audience viewing the post. Their audience will trust the influencer’s opinion to buy the product, and your audience will see that you’re working with larger influencers to gain their brand trust as well.

Photo Above: One of the influencers we’ll be featuring in our Influencer Education Month @basicswithballs

If you picked any type of influencer with a ridiculous high following…but does not fit your brand whatsoever then the message is going to be confusing to their audience and yours, and they’re going to wonder how this fits with them and can actually affect your brand negatively.

Another reason for using an influencer is that you can continue to create a partnership with them for future product launches or events, and followers will begin to recognize and trust their voice as your business’s brand. Working with an influencer is also great for business owners who don’t like to be shown on camera or in videos, and influencers should naturally have charisma to speak about your business.

Photo Above: One of the influencers we’ll be featuring in our Influencer Education Month @jennaswetlikoff

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